8 May 2016

Hasslefree Package

Sorry about the lack of activity over the past few weeks - real life has got in the way and it's been hard to get close to anything gaming related over the past few weeks. 

But, I have a small development that I want to share.

I've long admired the Hasslefree range from afar and finally decided to purchase a few miniatures to paint up for our zombie gaming purposes.

So, last week I ordered 8 miniatures and a couple of the Atztech Zombie signs sheets to jazz up our terrain a bit.

It was with some surprise that I received my order within a week of ordering it online - sometimes post delivered within New Zealand doesn't get to me that fast... except when they're bills... but the slight gasp of amazement turned to squeals of delight (not really but I added this in for dramatic effect) when I opened the box.

Dum, dum, duuummmm...

The great boys and girls at Hasslefree had added in a few freebies to my order - 2 extra miniatures plus some English lollies (sweets) which for an expat Pommie such as myself gave a fuzzy feeling of home...

My wife and I are big fans the The Walking Dead, and my wife is interested in helping us with our game (she is not a gamer - at all) as long as she can play as a Michonne like character.

So I ordered the Resin master of Gaia (Hasslefrees new not Michonne model) to paint up for her and to my surprise Hasslefree threw in a free metal version of the miniature as well!!! The elite version no less - with the option for various weapon armaments...

Limited time only - buy one badass with a katana, get one free...

They also packed in another free miniature called Amoy - which looks like a child with a bike helmet and hoodie wielding a pistol - as you do. A bit different but I'm sure I'll be able to use it for something.

So this post is really just a big thank you to Hasslefree - great service, lovely, unexpected extras and yummy English lollies - I'm a believer. :) Definitely will be picking up some more stuff from them in the future.

And if anyone from Hasslefree is reading this - my only suggestion would be to put in Galaxy Minstrels in the next box - they are my favourite!!! :) :P

Cheers All,