29 October 2016

It's Alive...!!!

Man, where has this year gone?

Real life gets in the way and all of a sudden, 6 months has passed by...

So what has been happening?

Well I can't remember if I mentioned it but my gaming group are big fans of the zombie genre, and we wanted to start playing some games set in a post apocalyptic world.

We weren't able to really find an existing playset that really floated our boat so over the past year or so we set about making our own.

Work on our own zombie game picked up and tailed off... the picked up again... :)

We've got the core stuff down - some playtesting amongst the group highlighted what worked and what didn't so we've made a few tweaks and changes here and there.

On top of that we've been getting some terrain sorted - some homemade stuff, cheap scale cars from our local store and some buildings from Sarissa Precision, plus all the goodies I found from the local tip - more of which I'll share in future posts.

Anyways, this is just a post to say this blog is still alive and hasn't fallen to the hordes of the dead!

I'm writing up an AAR currently, which covers a playthrough of some of the core rules. It'll have a bit of a story as well as explaining some of the mechanics and working of the rules that we have come up with, and that should be up in the next few days.

Otherwise, I'm hoping to get back to this blog far more frequently and keep the hordes of zombies at bay!!!

Cheers All,


  1. I know only too well how real-life infringes on our hobby!
    Good to see you're still around!

  2. Thanks guys, its been too long. Glad you are still around to read the ramblings :)