1 March 2016

What's all this then?

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Welcome to my blog - hopefully this post is the first of many!!!

What is the plan for this blog then?

It is a showcase, hopefully about gaming around a zombie apocalypse. 

I'm a long time gamer, and a long time fan of the zombie genre, so am keen to put them both together. Whilst there are rules that are out there, nothing quite hits the mark for myself or my gaming group. As it is a genre we are all keen to roll dice in, we thought we would make our own rules up and see how it goes. 

This blog is dedicated to everything zombie gaming related - from showing off miniatures and terrain, to discussing the rules that we have come up with, to hopefully some AARs as well.

I guess first off a little about myself. I'm an English lad, currently living in New Zealand. I've been gaming for over 15 years - mostly GW stuff - I have a fondness for the original Necromunda rules in particular, but also enjoyed Warhammer. I game in a group of around 10 players, and we've been beating the snot out of each other on the gaming table for my years over many different games.

I have a large Vampire Counts army which I may showcase on this blog at some point (it is Undead after all) but seemingly like many I've fallen out of love with GW after the End Times and Age of Sigmar, and the hassle of carting huge amounts of models around means that my enjoyment of large scale gaming has diminished over the past 12 months or so.

So it is back to skirmish level games for me - our home grown rules for the Zombie itch, Frostgrave for the fantasy itch and Necromunda for the old school itch.

This blog is for the zombie side of things.

So, shotguns loaded, ensure the chainsaw is gassed up, coz here we go...

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  1. Excellent! More zombie goodness, welcome to the blogosphere dude.

  2. Welcome mate, look forward to seeing your take on the apocalypse