29 March 2016

Setting a Scene

Happy Easter all!!!

Due to the long weekend, we took the opportunity to catch up with friends and family so I was unable to post an update on Sunday as I had hoped.

Still, I hope better late than never.

I'm hoping to do a big post next weekend to show off the zombies I've got painted up so far as I wasn't able to do it this weekend, so I thought instead I'd quickly set up a little scene and show off some pictures as a bit of a teaser...

Caught unawares whilst out scavenging for supplies, our three heroes quickly find themselves up against a group of hungry zombies. They prepare themselves by hunkering down behind some makeshift barricades and hope that they can get out of this one alive...

Maybe our survivors were too focused on the assorted coloured eggs in the distance to notice they had company...

Most models are Zombicide Season 3 miniatures, with a few Season 1 Zeds for good measure, set up among the already introduced Mars Attacks terrain I have.

More next weekend.

Until then, enjoy!!!


  1. Looks good dude!
    Really looking forward to getting a closer look at your zombies and survivors.
    I think the followers gadget is on the second page of additions in blogger. Adding one would certainly help people out in following your blog.

  2. I think it's always good to see how others have progressed in their project, if nothing else but for encouragement.
    Bob is correct about the follwer gadget, you need the one on the second page of the gadgets (in addition to or instead of the google plus one)

  3. Glad to see you found the followers gadget dude, now I'm locked in. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  4. Thanks guys - appreciate you following - and helping me out to allow you to follow :)