3 April 2016

Dead Men Walking (Zombies 2)

The Rue Morgue box comes with over 80 zombie miniatures, and I'm pleased to say that they are all painted. There are some nice sculpts in the box, but you tend to hit the wall after painting the same model over and over again!!!

Just like the Walk of the Dead box, I thought I'd just show a few examples of the miniatures painted - you'll just have to believe that the rest are painted :)

Painted the same way as the others, I just grabbed a batch to paint over a few evenings and got too it - again, I spent maybe no more than an hour and a half painting batches of 8.

My favourite sculpt in the box.

 Michael Jackson zombies?

What I really like from this box set are the crawlers. Within the actual game of Zombicide they are a pain in the @$$ but they are characterful sculpts which were a lot of fun to paint.

 Detailing of the bloodied stumps they have instead of legs. 

And the Abomination. I think this is the biggest one out of all the Zombicide games and it is a large model. We've not made any rules up for something like this within our own game, but if we did, I can't think of a more appropriate model to use.

I didn't want to go overkill with the blood and gore, but felt the model needed something, and I liked how it ended up coming out. Again, the same colours as the others were used, but I spent a bit more time on this one.

Hope you like.


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